Saturday 1 November 2008


Name: Gemma (you knew that already)

Lives: Edinburgh via London via Edinburgh and Sussex with a craving for spending a few years in the US

Loves: Chris

Works: 9-5pm, Monday-Friday

Wants: a miniature dachshund and two cats, or the other way round

Wears: lots of sweater dresses with thick woolly tights and moccasins, jeans with checked tops or vests in summer and cashmere crew-necks in winter, a cheap gold casio watch, a gold and turquoise engagement ring and slim gold wedding band on my left hand, a small stack of rings on my right hand, and earrings that are mostly gold and if I had my way would all be from here

Wishes: I could enjoy more lazy mornings, oh and win the lottery (it would help with the lazy mornings)

Watches: rather too many cookery programmes (with an ongoing weakness for Gossip Girl)

Likes: long walks on bright but cold Autumn days

Dislikes: offal, pineapple, scary dogs, comic sans

Cooked: jam tarts as a child, of course, followed by pancakes, scones, shortbread. It was definitely all about the baking.


Sarah said...

I hate comic sans too, lol!

xox Sarah

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

get the dog and cats all at the same time.

carine said...

dislikes: you forgot U2. and, i am also obsessed with the alex monroe feather band ring! isn't it gorgeous? that settles it, am going to treat myself xx

Cerebrum said...

A great way to start NaBloPoMo, I say! Glad you chanced upon my blog so I found yours - I'm loving it already :)

Gemma said...

Hi everyone and thanks for commenting.

Sarah - I know, it is an inexcusable font, particularly riles me when I get work emails in it!

Amanda - well when I have a house to keep them in I may well do that, a few years off yet I think :(

Carine - how could I forget U2 (happy that I did though)! I love the feather earrings and ring and the snail studs and the twig rings and earrings, well everything really. The studs are an acceptable treat myself price so maybe...

Thanks Zarah - I'm definitely going to keep checking your blog to keep up with Copenhagen life.

Gemma x

Anonymous said...

another n16 gal from Edinburgh :-)

Gemma said...

Nice to meet you Sarah. I grew up in Sussex and moved to Scotland at 18 so was there on and off for about 10 years. We moved to N16 last April - there are quite a lot of us ex-Edinburghers (not sure if that is the word?) in the neighbourhood.

Gemma x

Jeanne said...

Nice to get to know you - and seeing as I've also signed up for NaBloPoMo, I'll be back to check on you :)

jbeach said...

Found your site through Food & Thoughts.
Lovely posts!!
I work in production for a publishing co. in the US. Do you mind if I ask how long you've been in this field? Do you enjoy it?

Alicia Foodycat said...

We received a tender document in comic sans. WTF? I thought it disqualified the firm immediately, but I was overruled.

Heather Davis said...

Hi Gemma
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I had to comment here because I so <3a pistachio coloured kitchenaid too. So we must be kindered spirits! Hx

Gemma said...

Hi Heather, sounds like it! Why don't they do them here? Maybe by the time I can afford one and have space for one they will have started to sell them over here!

Gemma x