Friday 21 October 2016


It's been on my to do list all Summer. The thing that keeps being ignored in the rush of other things to do. I kept writing bits of posts and then abandoning them so failing a plan for today but wanting to finally break this rut I offer you these glimpses from Summer...

'On Sunday I was taught to meditate by a Scottish buddhist in a Motorhead t-shirt. He had long grey hair, silver skull rings, multiple earrings, and a soothing voice that took us through two meditations, so soothing that I almost dropped off.'

'On Friday I spent the day in the kitchen with the multiple pans and processes required for any Ottolenghi recipe. Taken at a slow pace I like the multiple processes, with time to clean as I go, ending up with a pastitsio ready to go in the oven, layered in a cake tin, it was time well spent. As the sauce cooked I made a strawberry cake, one I've made before, with local strawberries, I bought enough for the cake, and jam, and breakfast.'

And now I'm mostly wearing a pair of dungarees that I debated for six months and have lived in since finally deciding to buy them, making this dish which immediately became a weekly fixture round here, trying to knit, listening to this and watching this over and over, and liking these links: 

This post
This recipe 
These mittens
This book 

And finally for those of us in need of some comfort viewing can I recommend watching any and all of Michael Palin's travel documentaries - particularly this episode of Around the World in 80 Days. I genuinely think there should be a Michael Palin channel and a David Attenborough channel on TV.

Happy Friday x