Tuesday 11 November 2008


G&T is 150 years old this week. Why don't you join me in the celebration.

And while we're at it how do you like yours? Tanqueray, Gordon's, Hendrick's, or Plymouth? Schweppes or Fever Tree? Lemon or Lime? Ice?

You can see how I like mine.


carine said...

Oh Dear God not Bombay Sapphire. Hendricks: yes please, with cucumber; Tanqueray: mmmmm; Beefeater: yep. Always with tonic and lime. Any other mixer would be wrong and weird. Gin and orange? Bleurgh.



Keetha said...

Quentessential is the gin for me. And it comes in a pretty blue bottle, too.

Gemma said...

Gin and orange is bleurgh indeed Carine and I used to like Bombay Sapphire but now I know the error of my ways. I like Hendrick's for an occasional drink but Tanqueray is definitely the gin for me.

Hi Keetha, nice to meet you. I'll check out your blog. I don't know that gin, maybe it's not available here. I'll have to try it next time I'm in the States.

Gemma x

Jeanne said...

50 years old? Who knew! And what would we do without it? God bless G&T!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Long live the G&T! Having been dragged up and not brought up I love almost all gin, I even like Larios Spanish Gin.... of dear! How could I not have known it was the birthday of gin and tonic? Thank you Gemma for bringing it to attention. x