Thursday 20 November 2008


I saw this post on Pink of Perfection and knew immediately that I wanted to do it too.

I haven’t included the obvious things that I love, family, friends, you know the ones. This list is just in the order I thought of things. There are some that I love more than others, some that I may not love forever, but as of today, in no particular order, these are 100 things that I love…

1. Crisp Autumn days
2. Lazy mornings
3. Salted caramel ice-cream
4. A big glass of milk
5. Potatoes roasted in goose fat
6. Babies socks
7. Mittens
8. Felted wool slippers
9. Gin and tonic
10. New York
11. Bryant Park
12. Copenhagen
13. The light in Santorini
14. The view towards the Forth in Edinburgh
15. Hot chocolate in a bowl
16. Bacon sandwiches
17. The Glass Menagerie
18. Vapour Trail by Ride
19. Carols from King’s on Christmas Eve
20. Purple tights
21. Scarves
22. Havaianas flip-flops in black or white
23. American Apparel vests
24. Le creuset casseroles
25. Pistachio KitchenAid mixers
26. Microplane graters
27. Bakewell tart
28. Custard
29. Ottolenghi meringues
30. The bread at Moro
31. Lunch from Leon
32. Pierre Hermé’s shops
33. Nigel Slater
34. Nigella Lawson
35. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
36. Heston Blumenthal
37. Cashmere
38. Real butter
39. Real bread
40. Flapjacks
41. Bonne Maman blueberry jam
42. Goats cheese and honey
43. Bacon with maple syrup
44. Roast parsnips
45. Roast chicken
46. Kilted sausages
47. Home made cakes
48. Pedicures
49. Manicures
50. I Only Have Eyes For You by The Flamingos
51. Old fashioned roses
52. Lavender shortbread
53. Roald Dahl
54. iPod playlists from Chris
55. Dachshunds
56. Snowdrops
57. Crocuses
58. Bluebells
59. Blackberry bushes
60. Mini peanut butter cups
61. Good pizza
62. Prosecco
63. The train between Berwick and Edinburgh
64. Plockton
65. Ye Olde Tea Shoppe
66. Yorkshire puddings
67. Steak frites
68. Wispas
69. Fresh Moleskine notebooks
70. New pens
71. Long socks
72. Ballet pumps
73. My ring
74. Shake Shack burgers
75. Scandinavian hot dogs
76. Katherine by Anya Seton
77. The weekend papers
78. Long meandering walks
79. Brogues
80. ee cummings
81. Honeysuckle
82. Petersham nurseries café
83. Spoon
84. Velvet ribbon for wrapping presents
85. My little red knife
86. Toast catalogues
87. Proper croissants
88. Scallops
89. Scottish morning rolls
90. Satusumas
91. Christmas Eve
92. Anticipation of present opening
93. Mojitos
94. Looking through old photos
95. TripAdvisor
96. Quentin Blake
97. Margaret Atwood
98. Hoppy (my toy rabbit that has been cuddled since babyhood)
99. Beautiful book design
100. The smell of old books


Lorna said...

I agree with many including Bonne Maman blueberry jam, morning rolls, croissants, real butter and real bread (I see a theme) but can you explain to me what a kilted sausage is or shouldn't I ask? My next blog ,may also have to a list .....

Gemma said...

Kilted sausage = pig in a blanket = sausage wrapped in bacon. The first term is definitely my favourite!

Looking forward to seeing your list.

Gemma x

carine said...

Oh I'm definitely going to have to do this too. Roast potatoes in goose fat...mmmmmmmmm x

Pink of Perfection said...

yes, i second the roast potatoes in goose fat! also scandinavian hot dogs -- so curious about those!

Gemma said...

You should Carine, it's fun and I'm nosey...

Hi Sarah - I don't know why but they sell hot dogs everywhere in Scandinavian cities and they are amazing. In Denmark they come with a type of mustard that seems to be hot dog specific, pickles, and crispy onion. They are really good and when in Scandinavia, which can be pretty pricey, a tasty and quick bite to eat.

Gemma x

Jeanne said...

Agree with loads of them, including (but not limited to!) salted butter caramel ice cream, Petersham Nurseries, Pierre Herme anything, Tripadvisor, old photos, Prosecco, Pedicures, darling Nigel Slater, Le Creuset, NYC and bacon butties :)