Thursday 3 September 2009


So apparently it's September already? I was cold this morning in a jumper and scarf, it's blustery outside and leaves are falling far too fast. I like Autumn but I'm not sure that I'm ready for it just yet.

Summer has passed quickly while we've been busy doing nice things - celebrating 30th birthdays, eating out, going to some amazing gigs - but the upshot of all this doing of nice things is that eating at home has fallen by the wayside and when we do eat at home it is the usual rota of chicken with couscous, pork burgers, chickpea curry, pasta, and, the one I want to tell you about, my favourite new thing this summer, potato salad.

It started in June during our one single solitary week of proper summer heat. We wanted new potatoes and we wanted salad but we didn't want a claggy mayonnaise coated potato salad. I cooked some small new potatoes and let them drain and cool a little while I chopped spring onions, capers, and flat leaf parsley, mixed dijon mustard, sherry vinegar, olive oil, and salt and pepper to make a vinaigrette, and tossed the lot over the still warm potatoes. It was one of my finer moments and one that has been repeated many many times since. I'll probably try to squeeze it in again before thoughts start turning to baking and roasting.