Monday 17 November 2008


After all the excitement of yesterday today felt very ordinary and I was this (holding thumb and forefinger very close together) close to just not posting.

But no, I will not be beaten, and if today was just an ordinary day then an ordinary day is what I will describe.

First things first. I got up, reluctantly, and had a bowl of muesli with skimmed milk (usually Jordan's although sometimes I'll buy Dorset Cereals) and a banana along with a cup of coffee (instant Fairtrade with skimmed milk and one sugar). While I ate my breakfast I enjoyed what was to become the least ordinary part of my day, The History of Love by Nicole Krauss, which I started last night.

I almost always read something when I eat breakfast, a book, a paper, a magazine. As a child I would read the back of the cereal box over and over again because I couldn't not. I would read under the covers with my torch. I read so hard that my Mum thought I was a little bit deaf. The Doctor said I was just choosing not to listen, I still do that sometimes when I'm reading a book I love.

I left for work and the aforementioned book meant I didn't really notice my bus journey.

Mid-morning munchies struck and I was fully prepared with a couple of Saturday's cookies.

A baked potato for lunch and the rest of the book. The last few pages left me struggling not to cry at my desk (I'll be recommending it to anyone who will listen, so far my tally is my Mum and you).

The bus home, again with a good book. I love reading when I don't notice time passing and have to try and squeeze in another page before the bus door opens at my stop, before my lunch break is over, before my eyes won't stay open any more. When I am watching a programme I love and pick up my book to read in the ad breaks, when I am so absorbed in a book that the World around me ceases to exist, when I read walking around the house and while cooking and while eating. When I find something to weigh the pages open if both my hands are occupied, the edge of a plate, another book, a bottle of water.

A fresh batch of any veg soup (leek, potato, carrot, parsnip, chicken stock, seasoning) for dinner along with some walnut bread which I bought yesterday and a new episode of America's Next Top Model where I wonder, yet again, at Tyra's manic self obsession which seems to have become much more pronounced recently.

So an ordinary day for me, an ordinary day enhanced by a bit of tasty food and a very good book.

As Mondays go it wasn't at all bad.


Anonymous said...

well, your ordinary monday sounds really quite lovely. I on the otherhand never quite shook off the monday blues - I clearly need a good book.
I am glad I found your blog.

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Sounds like a perfect day.

I love to hear of other people who can be so absorbed by a book they don't hear people talking to them. I'm like that. Little is becoming like that and there's hope yet for Small, who is still too small to read.

Jeanne said...

About the only thing that London's public transport system has done to improve my life is to allow me to read more. I know a book is good when I totally miss my stop!! Reading William Boyd's A Good Man In Africa at the moment which is hilarious.

Cerebrum said...

Love loosing myself in books. You just described perfectly what I was like when I was little (and still am, from time to time these days) Not at all bad for an ordinary Monday, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Reading the back of cereal packets - yes! I still read shampoo bottles in the bathroom ;)

Gemma said...

Nice to hear that you are all fellow book addicts.

Rachel - I'm glad you found me too. Your blog looks fab so looking forward to having a proper read.

Amanda- it's great seeing children become readers. My niece is a little bookworm as well and I love picking books for her.

Jeanne - since moving to London I read so much more, a suppose a minimum of 45 minutes on a bus twice a day will do that! I've never read any William Boyd so will have to give him a try.

Zarah Maria - I am still like a small child when I'm engrossed in a book, nice to know these things never leave us.

Hi Urban Foodie - it's great to see you here. It's funny how much we can find to read in unexpected places, shampoo bottles is a new one to me though!

Gemma x

Anonymous said...

I moved out of London a year ago and now drive to work which is easier in some respects but means I don't get the chance to read as much, booo! Since moving I have however become a complete wimp about getting on the tube and have to have a good book to absorb myself in or the fear of having a panic attack looms.
On another subject, I work for Jordans and was delighted to see you eat our muesli. I have a very tasty looking box of our limited edition Super Berry muesli on my desk looking for a home, Gemma, would you like it?
From Jordans