Wednesday 8 March 2017


It’s been a rough start to the year and I’ve found myself a little blocked, emotionally, physically, generally. But International Women’s Day seems like a good time to unblock, or least to start the process of unblocking so on this day I’m going to offer you some things…

Some things to watch:


Some things to read:

'Red is so much more than a colour. It’s a statement of intent, a demand to be acknowledged, a sign of simultaneous individuality and sisterly solidarity. It quite simply does not give a fuck when we women so often give far, far too many.'

Some things to do:

Take part in a day without women in whatever way you can. Strike, wear red, don’t spend money or only spend it in small women or minority owned businesses like this

Something I wish I could see:

 And, finally, one last thing to watch: