Friday 28 September 2012


At the start of the Summer, before New York, when we decided to get married in City Hall, we also decided to throw a party. I'm not sure that either of us knew exactly what planning a party for about 90 people would involve but there were many hours spent collecting and cleaning glass bottles and jars, making table plans, place cards and cake flags. There were flowers (and a flower-related injury when I cut myself with very sharp secateurs a few hours before the party), there were 96 cupcakes.  But, most of all and best of all, there were family and there were friends. Friends we have known for just a year or two and friends we have known since we were very small. Friends who flew up just for the party, friends who drove 500 miles to celebrate with us, friends who chose to make our party their first night out since the birth of their daughter, friends we see every few weeks and those who we would love to see more. There was a first dance, a second dance, and many more until midnight. There were dancing groups, dancing couples and a very small girl breakdancing in her pink dress and purple shoes. There was a double rainbow and a bright red sky while we stood outside drinking prosecco. I'm told there was a sky full of stars and meteors as we danced inside. It was a great evening with amazing people. We're so very lucky to have them all.

Oh, and the cupcake recipe? It's my new favourite, the cake itself isn't too sweet so it works well with the icing. I found this quantity made 12 cupcakes but enough icing for 24.