Friday 21 November 2008


I’m not a fan of regret but after filling in my list yesterday I couldn’t help but remember all those things I left out.

How could I have forgotten my beloved sweater dresses, the record shop scene in Before Sunrise, seeing the coastline of the country from a plane, the beautiful ban.dos, watching snow falling, thunderstorms, my daily dose of The Daily Nice, there are so many things. Well I suppose I had to stop somewhere, I’m sorry to all my forgotten loves, you are just as precious to me as blueberry jam and real butter slathered on real bread with a big glass of milk on the side.

So, anyway, back to the list of loves and more specifically back to number 61, good pizza, or as we call it, Firezza. It can be quite hard to find good pizza here. When I was little pizza was either frozen from the supermarket, made at home on a Boboli base, from Pizza Hut or Pizzaland, or, if you were a bit more posh (and I'm talking late '80's here), Pizza Express. Pizza Express still reigns supreme as source of decent enough pizza that you can eat in nice enough surroundings. We used to find ourselves going quite often.

But then we would go to New York and swoon over the wood fired bases, we would go to France and wish the pizza vans (with wood burning stove inside the van) would make it over the Channel, we would, in short, suffer from extreme pizza jealousy. Then we moved to London.

I, probably rightly, have developed a suspicion of leaflets for takeaway places that drop through the door. But one day we got a pizza leaflet through the door. We have a perfectly okay pizza place on our street but it is just that, okay. This place sounded, if all of their soundbites were to be believed, good. We looked, we ummed about the slightly expensive prices, we decided to order, we waited our 30 or so minutes, our pizzas arrived and the immediate judgement was that they were very very very good. We ordered again, and now they had our address which made it all dangerously easy. So dangerously easy that we have ordered pizza from Firezza at least every other week since first trying them, we are yet to be disappointed.

Tonight we sat, we enjoyed a bottle of red, we ate our pizzas, and we didn't cookalong with Gordon...

But for all this I still don’t trust leaflets for takeaways that come through the door.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow -there's one near me but I'd never even noticed it before! Thanks for the recommendation!

Sam said...

I've always been disappointed with takeaway pizza so chuck the leaflets in the bin! I do like pizza express though.

Jeanne said...

Pizza Express - you can't really fault them. Always decent (sometimes rather good) food and uniformly nice locations. I do think I prefer Strada though, but not nearly as ubiquitous. The New York pizza experience is life-changing though, in't it??

Sarah said...

Hi - I'm new to your blog, but a friend of mind who spent a few months studying in London still sings the praises of Ico (don't know how to spell it, but it's pronounded eye-co) Pizza, where you can get your own personal, thin crust pizza for something like 3 pound 50. Plus, there's garlic oil to splash on top. Have you heard of this?

Gemma said...

Hi Sarah, always nice to 'see' a new face! I do know where you mean, it's on Goodge St and I think it's called Icco and yes, a basic pizza is £3.50 which is a huge bargain.

Gemma x