Wednesday 19 November 2008


I know I know, it's November. As if it isn't bad enough that I spend a disproportionate amount of time every year thinking about Christmas presents, Christmas food, Christmas decorations, and Christmas holidays, I have already picked a resolution for 2009.

The funny thing is I don't even like New Year as a celebration all that much. Yes I go out and yes I usually enjoy it but I can never fully shake the feeling that it is sad to say goodbye to another year, tears have pricked my eyes at midnight a few times.

So why am I even talking about it now? Simple really, it's all to do with lunch. More specifically lunch at work when there are too many sandwiches from Pret and M&S in your life and all you can blame is your own laziness.

Last night I purposefully cooked a little extra pasta, I took it to work, I queued for one of the two microwaves in the office, I heated it through, I ate and it was good. That was easy, time to do it more often. How hard can it be to make a little more food at night?

So, finally, what do you eat for lunch at work? Do you go out or eat in a canteen? Spend too much on usually pretty average sandwiches or bring food from home? Is it sandwiches or leftovers or do you make special lunch dishes?

Inspire me, please, it may just help me to keep a resolution for once.


Cerebrum said...

Inspire me, too, please! I usually bring lunch to work - I'm lucky enough these days to work at a place that has a fridge and a microwave, but when I'm in school, oh dear. Very often I just bring tomatoes, avocados, a can of tuna. I usually manage to bake some bread as well, which makes it all better.
When I'm adventurous, I bring chickpeas a'la Orangette (with parmesan and lemon, so good), or a bean salad. Soup's good, too, and the great thing is you can make a big batch, then freeze it in individual portions and eat it whenever you feel like it (so you don't have to eat the same kind every day for a week. I like soup, but I also like variation) Hey, maybe we should make a resolution together, and scour the web for some recipes?

Gemma said...

I keep forgetting about those chickpeas. I've been meaning to make them forever (well ever since Molly wrote about them) so they can go on the list. I'm going to buy some individual portion freezer/microwave containers for one person soup portions. As you say if I thought I had to eat the same soup for lunch every day i would go mad but freezing it and have the choice sounds very doable. I'm happy to make the resolution with you and we can inspire each other to get out of the lunch rut!

Gemma x

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky to have a microwave! I've been eating salads for months now, and I'm start to lack inspiration (and to crave for WARM food.....)

Keetha said...

I work in a very small office where there is no microwave. There is a fridge, thank goodness. Two or three days a week, I bring a sandwich from home. It's a good one - with my favorite meats and provolone cheese, vidalia onion salad dressing. I'll get some chips and a Sonic Diet Coke to go with.

During the summer, I eat a lot of pasta salads and green salads.

The other days, I have lunch with friends or alone with a book, and, uh, fast food.

In an office where I worked previously, once every two weeks, we'd plan a menu and everyone would bring a dish. It was fun.

jen paddack-hyde said...

my office has a fridge and microwave. I make enough food the night before to bring send some with my husband and myself the next day for lunch. It's also a great way to save money:)

Gemma said...

Melanie - i don't think I would have any hope of breaking my bought lunch habit if I could only eat cold food. How about taking a thermos of soup to work with you?

Keetha - the menu idea sounds great. I think that could have worked in my old job but not a chance in my new job! Your sandwich sounds delicious.

Jen - that's pretty much what I'm planning on doing when I can although I suspect the work microwaves will get busier and busier while the financial situation is so unstable!

Gemma x

Jeanne said...

We have a microwave but it's on another floor and all just starts sounding like hard work. I am guilty of buying sandwiches most days but refuse to spend more than £3 and I never buy drinks - free coffee at work! In summer I sometimes bring leftovers that I eat cold, and I go through phases of making sandwiches - this is not one of them though!