Monday 17 May 2010


I've been fantasising lately.

About dining tables.

About kitchens with bookshelves.

About the sun shining.

About sitting out and enjoying it with scotch eggs to eat and elderflower cordial to drink.

About restaurants to revisit.

About new ones to discover.

About books to buy, jewellery to admire, and walls that one day may be adorned with this, and this, and this, and this, and this.

About holidays.

About holidays.

About holidays.

About holidays.

But until then, when Monday comes, I will go to work.

I will make dinner plans (tonight - pork, mustard seed and herb sausages with mashed sweet potato to be eaten alongside Glee and Australia's Next Top Model, making me happy and Chris, well, not so much).

I will go out.

I will look forward to a long weekend or two.

I will make plans for the months to come.

I will read new books.

I will listen to favourite songs.

I will continue to fantasise, continue to dream, continue to imagine.


Anonymous said...

With elderflower cordial sounds pretty perfect - on your balcony of course.......I love that the scotch eggs ere part of your plans. Holiday - yes - urgently

Gemma said...

Scotch eggs should be a part of any summer picnic plan!

Holiday is needed desperately but until then a three and a half day weekend will have to suffice...

Gemma x