Monday 30 November 2009


I think we can all agree that I failed with the concept of posting every day in November. I guess I should have known. Things happen. This November the main distraction has been the arrival of a new niece and now all I can think about is Christmas in Edinburgh and lots of new baby cuddle time.

But yesterday in a fit of almost December preparation I shopped and I stirred and I baked and I ended the day with a Christmas cake well wrapped and awaiting weekly feeds of brandy, two jars of mincemeat, a vat of soup, and a clementine cake because it seemed unfair to spend the entire day baking and not end up with anything that could be eaten straight away.

Next weekend Christmas pudding.


Lisa said...

19 posts in a month is STILL very good going compared to my pitiful attempts!! Congratulations on the arrival of your new niece. As a very proud aunty to gorgeous 1 year old nephew, I'm sure this Christmas will be a very special time in your family!

Well done on your baking efforts yesterday. I am still debating whether to make a cake!

Anonymous said...

I didn't quite make it this year either. Have been following your posts with pleasure though... and making the butternut squash thing you taught me about last year.

Su-Lin said...

Oh wow, I salute your organisation!

Shauna said...

That's brilliant... you'll have to tell us how the pudding goes! I watched Delia rabbit on about how easy it is but I dunno if she's my kind of benchmark :)

Gemma said...

Shauna - the puds went very well. I gave 1 to my Mum, 1 to my sister, 1 to friends, and there is 1 still sitting in my wardrobe (I made 4 mini ones instead of 1 massive one)

Su-Lin - I try, it gets me into a Christmas mood. Unfortunately it apparently also results in zero blogging in December!

Solnushka - thanks and glad you are still enjoy that dish

Lili - we managed lots of baby cuddle time over Christmas so all good!

Gemma x