Wednesday 8 July 2009


I've been trying to wirte a post about a deli we visited in Toronto.

It doesn't sound like a tough thing to do but everything seems to come out as pretentious twaddle.

I tried to describe where it is, 'imagine a Toronto side street, an unassuming building with a side door leading up to a dive bar' - twaddle.

I tried to describe the circumstances leading up to our visit, 'Sarah told us about a place that she and Rob had been planning to visit, a place famous for serving smoked meat sandwiches in an unpromising setting' - twaddle.

I gave up.

I'll just have to cut to the chase.

Caplansky's. Sit down, order, choose lean, medium, or fatty meat. Sarah and I say lean and are promptly told that a little bit of fat is a very good thing so we change our minds. Sarah orders coleslaw which I normally don't like but instead of being gloopy and mayo bound it is a tangy vinegary slaw which I taste, I order myself a plate. A bowl of cabbage borscht for Chris and sandwiches for all of us. A little bit of fat is a very good thing indeed...


kladding (Sarah) said...

finally had one of these sandwiches last weekend. WOW! way better than any smoked meat in Montreal or NY.

Claudia said...

Love delis. Minnesota is finally getting some decent ones. This is when I miss NYC. And I usually will choose pastrami over turkey if it's a good deli!

Alicia Foodycat said...

Oh wow! What a sandwich! That is just gorgeous.