Thursday 2 July 2009


In my first Boston post I very briefly mentioned a meatloaf sandwich from a Watertown diner.

Last night I got my first blog request from Chris. 'When you've written about Providence can you add an edit to your Boston post for the sandwiches?' How could I say no?

It was very wet when we left Providence and arrived back in Boston for our last day and night. I believe it is still that way now. We went to see the Shepard Fairey exhibition at the ICA before driving back to the house to put on more rain appropriate footwear and heading for the diner that Renee had been suggesting ever since we arrived.

I followed Renee's lead by ordering a Monte Cristo, that's a cheese and ham sandwich on challah bread, dipped in egg and fried to make it a french toast sandwich, and sweet potato fries (which I really didn't need but really needed to try).

Chris went for the meatloaf sandwich smothered in gravy and a side of spinach.

My sandwich was good but I think would need to be reserved for serious hunger / hangovers. If we went again I would go for the meatloaf. I can almost taste it now.


Christophe said...

Meatloaf and gravy all the way...this sandwich was absolutely ridiculous. An A+ diner too...for the record, in Providence, I had a preposterous grilled cheese and ham sandwich that was so big I couldn't finish my delicious fries that were similar to the ones in The Barking Crab photo...ahh North America, my sandwich home. x

Alicia Foodycat said...

I would definitely have ordered the meatloaf and gravy - I love a meatloaf sandiwch! I'm fascinated by the monte cristo though. I keep seeing American bloggers talking about topping them with icing sugar and dipping them in raspberry jam! I think having sweet potato fries on the side is very restrained really.