Wednesday 27 August 2008


Since moving to London I've been working a hop skip and a jump (actually a couple of minutes walk through hordes of tourists) from Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, the Thames, and Leicester Square. Sometimes this is great. Lots of shops to go to at lunch and plenty of eating choices to avoid boring old sandwiches. Sometimes not so great. Covent Garden tube station (if you've experienced it then you know why), those aforementioned crowds of tourists everywhere, trying to navigate people watching a man on a unicycle juggling knives when all I want is said boring old sandwich and a bottle of water. However, for the past few weeks Covent Garden has been hosting a food market every Thursday and Friday evening which definitely comes comes under the 'good things about where I work' heading. The first evening that I went I bought one of the irresistible owl shortbreads and watched Oliver Rowe doing a cookery demo, the second time I went was a lunchtime and I ate a hog roast sandwich and some blackberry ice-cream before buying some bread for the weekend. Then last week I went again and bought a bratwurst for lunch (not as good as the hog roast) and a brownie. It finishes this Friday with a Fergus Henderson demonstration, which I will unfortunately be away for, so you've still got two days to go down and get yourself an owl - how could you not.


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Anonymous said...

What fun! I'm envious. And those owls are definitely adorable.