Wednesday 28 May 2008


Last Thursday we came back to Earth with a bump after spending a week in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Since then we have had people to stay so spent the, rather wet, weekend out and about before eventually realising that in almost two weeks we hadn't eaten a home cooked meal. I intend to start rectifying that very soon and have started to make amends with a few tasty but simple options that are not really worth writing about but were welcome just for the simple pleasure of eating food that wasn't chosen from a menu.

So, back to Santorini (I wish). After a week or so of beautiful weather in London we left a cold and rainy Gatwick (after a 4 hour delay) to arrive in sunshine. A, slightly too fast and slightly too scary, taxi to the hotel was made worthwhile by the first glimpse of the famous Caldera where we would be staying. An introduction to the cave house that would be ours for the week, and a change into summer clothes (oh joy), and we were ready to do absolutely nothing but look at the view, eat, and drink local wine. Santorini is the postcard view of Greece and I mean that quite literally, all those white walls, blue domes, and cats lolling about on roofs that overlook the sparkling blue of the Adriatic, it's all Oia, the small town we stayed in at the tip of the island. I recommend it to you all and leave you with some photos while I go and eat dinner, but more on that later (if it's good).


carine said...

Wow Santorini looks beautiful. Just a tad jealous x

Kelly-Jane said...

Oh my goodness it's stunningly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

These photos are absolutely spectacular. Did you take them?

Gemma said...

Thanks Shannalee, I took them all (apart from the one of me!) but trust me Santorini really does all the work for you, it is impossible to take a bad picture when everything looks like a postcard!

Gemma x