Tuesday 5 June 2007


let me apologise for my silence. It wasn't intentional but I have done nothing in the kitchen for a long time. A very busy two weeks has lead to a lot of meals out and too many takeaways.

It all started when, at the last minute, my Mum popped up for a few nights and we took off for a two night whirlwind tour of Scotland. We saw lochs, mountains, ospreys feeding their chicks, Glencoe, Ben Nevis still topped with snow, even a red squirrel, and rounded it all off with a trip to the Blair Atholl Highland games.

I spent the rest of the week catching up on sleeping and working and then on Saturday went for a 20 mile walk as my longest training session prior to the moonwalk. The funny thing about pushing yourself to walk for 20 miles is that you start to appreciate the little things a lot. I have never appreciated a cheeseburger as much as I did after walking solidly for six hours, taking off my shoes at home was heaven, and an hour long hot bath is the ultimate in luxury when every muscle is screaming. I'm feeling back to normal now, just in time to do it all again and then some on the 16th.

After spending Saturday is exercise gear when Sunday came and a long lunch beckoned I was ready to feel attractive again. I donned a Diane von Furstenberg wrap, blue/grey tights (it may be June but it is still not bare leg weather in Edinburgh), and dark green heels and set out for lunch at Oloroso to take advantage of their fantastic Sunday lunch deal using a voucher we were given for Christmas. Smoked salmon followed by an incredible (and immense) plate of medium rare roast sirloin, spotted dick with custard and a couple of glasses of wine and my sugar and iron levels were back on track after the walking. If you're ever in Edinburgh on a sunny day I definitely recommend heading to Oloroso and grabbing one of the sought after roof terrace seats to enjoy what is probably the best view that can be had while enjoying your tipple of choice in the city.


Lady M said...

So much going on for you, Gemma. :) Your meal all-dressed up sounds great! :) But, are you really going to walk on the moon?


Lady M said...

Durr, just read your previous post.

going to go somewhere and hide now...


Gemma said...

I would love to be walking on the moon! Thanks for putting a smile on my face on a very grey morning Ilana!

Gemma x

Kelly-Jane said...

Wow a six hour walk! Your doing a grand job of training :)

Your lunch and outfit sounds lovely too. I sort of veer toward being veggie a lot of the time, but recently I have been really wanting roast beef, and all the trimmings.

It's pretty chilly up here in Aberdeenshire as well, the weathers gone mad, roasting in April and cold now in June!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Good luck for this weekend Gemma.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gemma
I have been reading your blog for a few months now but have never left a comment. I really like it partly because it makes me feel connected with the very best that Scotland has to offer as I lived there for 8 years before moving to Portugal, snip its of your life in Edinburgh remind me to friends and the great Scottish spirit of fun. Thanks! I am actually thinking of starting my own blog soon as I have many adventures from my Portuguese kitchen to report - both good and bad!

Gemma said...

KJ - sorry it has taken me ages to reply but I agree about the weather, we had summer on Monday and then straight to Autumn!

Amanda - thanks for your good wishes.

Jennifer - thank you so much for commenting. I have very uninspired lately but comments like yours make me want to write more - you really should start a blog, it's good fun.

Gemma x