Friday 17 July 2015


It's the second Friday since we got back from Greece. We're living in our in between place while we carry on looking for a flat and carry on failing to find a flat. But there have been breakfasts eaten out of a bowl made on Sifnos, a barbecue which was only a little bit affected by the rain, and a doughnut ice-cream sandwich. There has been the Tour de France to watch in the evenings (although I sometimes abandon the cycling in favour of episodes of Nashville), pistachio custard doughnuts on my birthday last Saturday, and the last of the fennel seed biscuits that we bought back from Greece. What there hasn't been is much sign that it's July but after two and a half weeks of sun and swimming every day that's slightly easier to take.

We're heading to Sussex this weekend but until then...

I could, and plan to, say so much about Jess and Rachel's books
Tiny earrings 
I ate bostock here and was pleased to see this today
Which reminded me that I really need to pick up Tara's book 
Sesame banana bread
This post from Kate 
And this one from Molly 

And, finally, I've listened to this about five times today...

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