Friday 21 March 2014


...and it's almost the weekend.

Have you got plans?

Our favourite bar is one year old today so we're heading there after work for the specially brewed birthday IPA and a pork pie. Tomorrow I'm going on a trainer buying mission to replace the shoes that have been with me through three moonwalks with a new pair to take me through two in two months. There will be a 10 mile training walk on Sunday and I'm not sure what else. I haven't made pizza for a while, maybe an ice-cream at Mary's (just for a change)...

I'm looking forward to it (and hoping that the heavy rain forecast for Sunday morning holds off for long enough for us to walk those 10 miles) but until then...

I can always be tempted by another banana bread recipe

I wouldn't turn down a slice of this

Or one of these 

And, as it's now officially Spring, I'm looking forward to warmer mornings and think this might replace my porridge soon 

I sent Molly and Matthew a box of Scottish treats. If you haven't listened yet then go, go, go!

And some New Order to send you on your way...

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Alicia Foodycat said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! We're offloading some stuff onto the local sea scouts for their jumble sale, and I am at that cleaning-fever stage where I need to be monitored to stop me from chucking the good stuff.