Friday 1 February 2013


Well, that's a relief. January is finally over, the days are getting ever so gradually lighter, we can stop reading posts and magazine articles about New Year's resolutions and wondering whether plankton drops are really a thing.

We're going to Chris's parents for dinner tonight, I have a loaf of good sourdough in my bag for tomorrow's breakfast, there are plans for magazine buying followed by a seat in our new favourite bar and I could be tempted by a detour to the cake place I've been wanting to try. On Sunday I have book group and brunch (it will be a miracle if I finish the book as I am now on part two of book three of Game Of Thrones and failing miserably at reading anything else, sorry in advance book groupers).

Roll on 5pm, but until then... 

Exciting Lawson's Books news.


Before Midnight is out later this year. This is one of my favourite ever film scenes.

Oh, Totokaelo. Loving these Pilar Wiley pieces. 

The new Odette website. We visited the studio in June so that I could buy an arrow cuff and now I've got my eye on the hera cuff.

Raw colour.

This song...


Alicia Foodycat said...

Mmmm gozleme! Your weekend plans sound lovely.

charlotte said...

Great links, G.
Before Midnight: I cannot wait.