Friday 8 July 2011


We arrived back home on Tuesday, high on life from 16 nights of Seattle, Portland and New York. In love with the Pacific Northwest and jealous, jealous, jealous of the markets, the restaurants, the skies, the water.

We started our time in Seattle with jet lag, oysters, cocktails, and pizza. We finished with pastries and a train journey. Along the way were lunches and dinners, strawberry shortcake and shrimp, a day on the boat, an unexpected wave, a moccasin full of water, a picnic, and, happily, more pizza. There were walks and cuddles with a small dog, time on the deck, around the table. There was a raccoon, a bald eagle, and even a dinosaur (can you spot it?).

I suspected that I would fall hard for Seattle.

I did.


Anna's kitchen table said...

Oh, how wonderful. It all looks so peaceful!

Alicia Foodycat said...

Cuddles with dogs are always nice! Looks like you had a great time.

TD said...

We had some beautiful weather for you. Can't tell from your pictures if you made it out to Bainbridge, but if you didn't, it's a good day trip for your next visit! The ferry ride is fun (especially on a beautiful day), and there's some nice strolling, shopping, and of course, eating!

Anonymous said...

yeah! you guys did seattle RIGHT. love these photos, the top 2 are especially nice. heard a little bit about your visit from molly, but i'm looking forward to a full report soon.

charlotte said...

really great shots, gemma. oh to be out on the water on such a sunny day!