Friday 25 March 2011


I'm tall so I suppose it was inevitable that I would have big feet.

My Mum says that Taid, my Grandad, would say to her 'If your feet were any smaller you'd fall over all the time'. This is no consolation and also not true.

I have evidence...

Falling over in Tesco with a full basket of shopping. A small child pointed and laughed. Mortifying.

Falling over outside a lecture theatre while a few hundred fellow students streamed out.

Falling headfirst down some steps while Chris looked on in horror. And then laughed once it became clear that I was fine.

Falling down a hill wearing 4 inch heels and bloodying both knees in the process. I had ballet pumps in my bag.

Falling over on my parents patio, dropping my camera and smashing the lens.

Is that enough proof?

Big feet clearly do not help my balance.

Maybe they aren't big enough?

And what exactly has prompted this foot related outburst?


Too small in a 41, out of stock in a 42. Sigh.

But, just as I started to write this these arrived.

Too big in a 42 but just right in a 41.

Apparently my feet like to keep me guessing.

I'll be cooking this weekend. In fact I'll be baking. Possibly twice. Hell, if I go crazy maybe even three times. I have the recipes lined up so you just never know.


charlotte said...

ahh, this post made me chuckle. you're lucky to have your height - i'm a short ar*e and take a size 40! i've been likened many times to a golf club - i can only assume they mean a driver... i do have pretty good balance, however , but i put that down to years of ballet rather than my foot size :)

and as for those shoes - both pairs are divine.

Alicia Foodycat said...

I sympathise - I take a 39EE and it is almost impossible to find comfy wide pretty shoes.

Gemma said...

glad to know I'm not alone!