Wednesday 25 March 2009


I wrote a post last week about seeing the blossom on the trees and the start of Spring.

You'll have to trust me when I say it was a sweet little post because I wrote it but then didn't ever find the time to edit or post it.

What was I doing?

Watching American Idol, starting to pack books ready for the move, taking the train to Sussex for the weekend.

It's in Sussex that the pale pink blossom was pushed aside.

On Saturday we ate breakfast in the garden before jumping in the car to go to West Wittering beach. We bought ingredients for an impromptu picnic - rolls, cold meat, sliced goat's cheese, sausage rolls, a cold bottle of Copella apple juice. We got to the beach where the sun was shining but the cold wind kept us in our jackets even though some people were braving the sea. We ate our picnic and then walked along the beach taking photographs of beach huts, watching kites flying, laughing at the dog who didn't want to get its feet wet. We had goosebumps but I came away with a pink nose and the start of my 2009 freckles.

On Sunday we spent the whole day in the garden. We ate breakfast outside. We sat on the swing seat in summer clothes and sunglasses. When it was time to eat lunch we dragged two tables into the middle of the lawn and sat down to roast lamb with roast new potatoes and vegetables followed by more pudding than should really ever appear on one table.

Do I need to tell you that it was near impossible to drag ourselves away to get the evening train back to London? Do I need to tell you that when my Mum offered to drive me to the station in the morning to get the train to work instead I actually considered it even though I had to be at Euston for an 8am train which would have meant getting a 6am train from the local station?

The one consolation was that by the time we left the sun had gone in. It hasn't been anything other than blustery March weather since.


Amanda at Little Foodies said...

How lovely! Perfect way to spend a weekend and it really was beautiful. The boys go to West Wittering on a school day out every year, it's not too far.

Anonymous said...

I know that feeling, not wanting to leave, hatching up complicated travel plans for monday morning just to stay another night.
Roast lamb and roast new potatoes in the garden sounds perfect.
I love the blue beach hut.

Alicia Foodycat said...

I am now sitting here with freezing feet and I can hardly believe that last week we were barbecuing! Your weekend sounds idyllic.

Gemma said...

Amanda - it is such a lovely beach isn't it. Just a shame the road down to it is a nightmare in the summer. Oh well I'm still looking forward to a swim in warmer weather, we didn't get many (or any) chance to swim in the sea in Scotland.

Rachel - do we ever want weekends to end? Nice weekends away just make it all a bit worse.

Foodycat - I know, I didn't think it would do this two years in a row but it has. As long as it doesn't rain for our move on Saturday...

Gemma x