Thursday 5 November 2009


Earlier on today I thought I might fail at this whole NaBloPoMo lark. I couldn't see how a day could be redeemed when the best thing in it had been the bowl of chocolate and peanut granola that I had eaten for breakfast, which, incidentally, I blogged about a year ago today, and when the thing I was most looking forward to was curling up with my new book.

But then we came home, we stood wrapped up on the balcony watching fireworks exploding all across London and we ordered food from Rasa. I'll let our food (well, the menu) speak for itself...

Beet Cheera Pachadi
An amazingly vibrant dish, traditionally only served at wedding feasts. Fresh beetroot and spinach are blended together in a yoghurt sauce with roasted coconut, mustard seeds and curry leaves - a must for the adventurous.

Savoy Cabbage
Thoran, an essential dish at every Kerala feast, can be made from a variety of vegetables. This one is made from chopped cabbage, cubed potatoes and lentils stir fried together with onion, fresh coconut and mustard seeds

Lemon Rice
A tangy, fresh tasting rice tossed with lemon juice, fresh curry leaves and mustard seeds.

A very fragrant bread made of rice flour, Indian shallots, cumin seeds and roasted coconut blended together and cooked into a thick, crispy flat bread.

Surely you're tempted?


Anonymous said...

Lucky you. I have had a couple of great meals there - one not so long ago with my good friends who live very near the pink place. The beet dish sounds great.
GO GO GO blopomodo (wahtever it is)
I am loving your posts everyday

Gemma said...

Rachel - we love having Rasa as our local takeaway and the beet dish is amazing so you should try it if you go there again. NaBloPoMo is National Blog Posting Month - just need to write one post a day throughout November!

Gemma x