Monday 16 November 2009


I really should have learned by now.

Yesterday I cooked four separate dishes all requiring separate sets of ingredients, separate cooking methods, and separate amounts of time in the kitchen.

But did I give these four separate dishes four separate posts in this month of (apparently) daily posting?



Because that would have made my life far too easy:

Sunday 15th November - granola
Monday 16th November - soup
Tuesday 17th November - spaghetti bolognese
Wednesday 18th November - cake

See how easy that would have been? It would have been Thursday by now.

Instead I'm sitting here watching nonsense on the TV but with a full belly from yesterday's soup with bread and cheese followed by a slice of yesterday's cake. All good just not all that blog savvy.

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Anonymous said...

Nooooooo much better all at once.....much nicer, all your busy preparation for guests...