Friday 6 November 2009


Why is it that I will sigh with exasperation at Christmas adverts starting on TV at the beginning of November but bite my lip in anticipation when I see the lights going up in Covent Garden?

Why is it that Christmas windows in shops in October give me a heavy heart but seeing the Christmas magazines on shelves this week made me eager to hand over vast sums to the newsagent?

Why is it that I felt an excited flutter when I realised that Sunday's Observer Food Monthly would be the Christmas special?

Why is it that I realised that I could finally pull out the Christmas books again (Nigella, Delia, Sarah - sigh) and, most worrying of all, why is it that I found myself humming a Christmas song today?

I blame the smell of mulled wine in the evenings.

I blame the lights which have been up in Stoke Newington for a little while now.

But really, I'm a sucker for Christmas, I can only blame myself.

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