Friday, 11 September 2015


This time last year we were arriving in Seattle, 6 days into a 3 week break. This year I'm at work and glad that Friday is here. August flew by in a blur of festival times and miserable weather but it was fun and now it's September and we've been enjoying a few days of Indian Summer while feeling the first hints of Autumn, the first days when the evenings are feeling just that bit darker.

Until then though, while it's still more Summer than Autumn a few highlights from the last little while...

Edwyn Collins and Grace Maxwell at the Book Festival- talking, signing and a signing, Such a treat.
My new favourite stripes
Ballet Zurich
A perfect Summer beer 
And, finally I would watch Recomposed being played again and again if I could (and would probably cry every time).

Monday, 27 July 2015


Rachel's book came out just before we moved, one of three cookery books that wasn't packed into the many, many cardboard boxes - Rachel, Diana, Claire. I didn't get to do more than skim it in those weeks and in the few since we've been back from Greece, as I found my feet in this in between kitchen, looking for a rhythm, working out which pans, which knives, which bowls to use.

But in the skimming I knew that this book, or, as Molly quite rightly had it 'THIS BOOK!', would quickly become a favourite - the recipes, the photography, the design, but most of all Rachel's voice. I can't put it better than something that has already been said... 'She is proper'. 

On Saturday morning, a quiet start after a long week, I curled up and spent some time reading, mentally bookmarking as I went and planning something to make the following evening. But later that day when we couldn't decide what to have for dinner I remembered reading about pasta coated in anchovy butter, I remembered the ingredients: pasta, anchovies, butter. It took as long to make as it takes pasta to cook. It was delicious.

And yesterday I sat, making a shopping list, watching the weather, seriously considering soup for dinner. We ate bread and cheese for lunch before walking through the Botanics to Stockbridge and back, the rain just starting as we got in, in time for the last few kilometres of the Tour de France. I caught up on multiple missed Spilled Milk episodes and as I listened I mixed meatballs, made tomato sauce, kneaded dough for fennel seed biscuits. The sort of kitchen time that makes me very happy, time to potter and time to quietly get things done. We ate meatballs with rice in the kitchen, going back for more, talking about what we would do with the leftovers. We ate biscuits while we watched Parks and Recreation, dealing with our disappointment at getting to the end of season 7 by going right back to the beginning.The meatballs the perfect sort of comfort for a grey July day, the biscuits punchy with fennel, reminding me of ones we bought back from Sifnos but with the something extra that must come from the olive oil and wine in the dough.

We're having leftover meatballs on toast tonight.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


The doing it is the thing. The talking and thinking and worrying is not the thing.
I haven't read Amy Poehler's autobiography yet but I read this yesterday and It has been rattling around in my head since. 'The doing it is the thing.' I might make that my screensaver.

Friday, 17 July 2015


It's the second Friday since we got back from Greece. We're living in our in between place while we carry on looking for a flat and carry on failing to find a flat. But there have been breakfasts eaten out of a bowl made on Sifnos, a barbecue which was only a little bit affected by the rain, and a doughnut ice-cream sandwich. There has been the Tour de France to watch in the evenings (although I sometimes abandon the cycling in favour of episodes of Nashville), pistachio custard doughnuts on my birthday last Saturday, and the last of the fennel seed biscuits that we bought back from Greece. What there hasn't been is much sign that it's July but after two and a half weeks of sun and swimming every day that's slightly easier to take.

We're heading to Sussex this weekend but until then...

I could, and plan to, say so much about Jess and Rachel's books
Tiny earrings 
I ate bostock here and was pleased to see this today
Which reminded me that I really need to pick up Tara's book 
Sesame banana bread
This post from Kate 
And this one from Molly 

And, finally, I've listened to this about five times today...

Friday, 29 May 2015


This week there has been rain and hail and sun and wind and I've been too warm and too cold and then too warm again.

But in three weeks time we'll be in Greece for swimming and sunshine and eating and drinking. Unfortunately those three weeks will also either see us packing up and moving to an as yet unseen flat or packing up and moving down the road to stay with family until the currently lamentable rental market sorts itself out.

Amongst this there are a few things (apart from thoughts of Greece) that have made me smile this week...

Dan McCarthy's ceramics
The best strawberry buttercream which made its way onto a cake for a colleague's birthday
This roller which I started using at the gym and which hurts my calves in a really good way
Holiday nails
And finally, from this video, this screenshot of a young Fergus and Margot...

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


After a good Saturday, a busy Saturday, a Saturday full of walking, to breakfast, to town, to the Botanics, to Mary's, to Blackfriars, Sunday called for quiet. Coffee drinking, food shopping, Nashville watching, Marie Kondoing my drawers, and an urge to bake.

I thought I was going to bake a cardamom cake or some kind of plain cake, I considered Bara Brith or madeleines but eventually I settled on a biscuit that I hadn't heard of before, Cornish Fairings. Imagine a ginger snap but chewy from golden syrup, flavoured with mixed spice as well as ginger, we had one each as soon as they cooled, the remaining four came with us for lunch at the start of the week. I might make Bara Brith this weekend.