Tuesday 27 March 2007


I've been on holiday for the past week and enjoyed some time in Sussex, London and Copenhagen, seeing some family, some friends and visiting some shops. While it wasn't a very foodie break it still comprised a few good moments. In London we visited Dover Street Market. I had been curious about this place for a while but my interest was really sparked when I discovered that the Rose Bakery had opened a London outpost on the top floor. I first heard about the Rose Bakery when I spied the book and immediately had to have it, an acid green cover containing well designed and beautifully photographed pages to show off the many tempting recipes. Since then it has been on my ever growing list of places to go to the next time I am in Paris, right up there with Pierre Herme and Lauduree. We meant to just have a look, but as soon as we stepped onto the fourth floor the smells meant that, all of a sudden, it was time to stay for lunch. We both had a tart with salad, bacon for me and corgette and red pepper for him, and they were delicious. I wanted one of the little round carrot cakes but couldn't quite manage, maybe it is time to try the recipe.

After a few very cold days in London we headed to Denmark expecting that the weather could only be worse. When we arrived to a cold and grey afternoon we wrapped up and prepared to brave it for a few days. However, the next morning we woke to clear blue skies and that is how it stayed until we left, we even managed to sit outside comfortably, a joy after too many months in stuffy buildings. On Friday night we visited friends and were introduced to the Danish phenomenon of Easter beer. Apparently special Christmas and Easter beers are released every year and we were treated to a can of the Tuborg beer, this particular Paskebryg (Easter beer), is known as 'Kylle Kylle' which I think means Chick Chick although anyone who knows better can feel free to correct me. We really enjoyed this and particularly liked the chick on the cans and bottles. I was definitely more taken with this than with the obsession with liqorice, I don't mind liqorice but I think eating salted liquorice must be an acquired taste.


Freya said...

I haven't visited you in a while and look what happens! You visit all sorts of wonderful places! The salted liquorice certainly is an aquired taste, I bought some for my husband at Ikea and even he couldn't eat it! SOunds like you had some good times though!

Kelly-Jane said...

I have The Book in my reading pile at the moment, and it's seems to be good :)

The chick is so cute.

Salted liquorice sounds really awful!