Tuesday 13 March 2007


I had seen the Broughton Delicatessen as I walked past the entrance to Barony Street on my way to other places and had thought 'I must go in and see what it's like.' It is scary how many times I sometimes need to remind myself to go somewhere and so it was that last week I finally went in for lunch. I was having one of those days and was desperate to escape so decided to make the most of my lunch break and sit in.

The sun was shining though the large window onto the tables that are covered with red and white spotty oilcloth and I picked one where my back would be warmed by the all too rare March sunshine. I decided on a baguette with rare roast beef, mustard creme fraiche, and rocket. If you order a sandwich to go you just get the sandwich but if you order it to sit in it is a thing of beauty. It comes on a wooden board with a few olives and a selection of the day's salads. I had roasted vegetables, spinach with crumbled black pudding and some chickpea salad all sitting next to my sandwich. I sat, I read, I thought, and by the time that I left I was both satisfied and relaxed and, best of all, it had only cost 90p more than the simple takeaway sandwich. Since then I have been back for more takeaway sandwiches and have looked properly at the shelves piled high with good things to take home and eat, wonderful cheeses, beautiful local eggs, bread, and fabulous home made cakes. I'm already thinking about going for a salad box bursting with good things for lunch tomorrow. There aren't enough of these little gems around so the Broughton Delicatessen will definitely be getting my lunch money.


Anna's kitchen table said...

Gemma, oooh, I could just picture everything - it sounds wonderful!

Mark said...

Ooh, I keep meaning to investigate this place - often walk past on my way to Real Food or Crombies as I live just around the corner. I am a big Herbies fan but always good to try somewhere new :)

Gemma said...

Mark - I haven't been to Herbies yet even though I am always walking past - maybe I will pop in this weekend so thanks for reminding me.