Monday 6 January 2014


Happy New...

I think it makes more sense to start on the 6th this year. The first few days of January were mostly spent sleeping and hiding from appalling weather, yesterday was all list making, food shopping, tidying away Christmas, and alarm setting. Today, so far, is sleepy with a large dose of email.

Christmas felt like the break we needed. Two and a bit weeks away from work. A few days with nothing much to do except bake cookies, granola, and sherry cake for presents. A Christmas spent dodging rain and wind in Sussex but with a day of sunshine perfect for a Boxing Day walk on the beach. Time in London with old neighbourhoods, friends, and much missed foods (gözleme, banh mi, good burgers), then back to Edinburgh in time to have a quiet new year, just us, some prosecco, and some kitchen karaoke. As I said, it was the break we needed, it feels like the start of a new year now.

On Saturday I bought a diary and a new green notebook and wrote a list of.. resolutions? Maybe not. Just a few mini goals. 

Bake bread
Go to yoga
Write a letter
Share photos from Greece (is it too cruel to do that in January?)
Fill our wedding photo album
Remember to eat at the table 

Happy 2014 x 

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Molly said...

Much love to you two. Happy 2014! xx