Monday 16 April 2012


I was going to tell you about oatmeal biscuits today but they'll have to wait. Not because they weren't good but, because, last night, I made these.

It's my usual pizza base, sprinkled with parmesan, topped with mozzarella (a 125g ball between the two of us), dotted with ricotta and chopped wild garlic leaves, then topped with shaved asparagus that had been tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper, before being finished with a final grating of parmesan. The pizza idea (and most of the recipe) came from Smitten Kitchen. The addition of ricotta from memories of last Summer and Brandon's amazing white pie. The wild garlic just because it's abundant here growing along side the Water of Leith, long wide green leaves, small white flowers. When they were cooked we drizzled over a little olive oil and sat down with pizzas that tasted of Spring.


charlotte said...

I have to admit to being v jelz of your dinner when I saw it on Instagram!
I think M and I nearly overdosed on asparagus pizza last year and I aim to do so again this year, but mixing it up with the wild garlic is very appealing.

Shauna said...

they look soooo good and must have smelled/tasted incredible *plots walk to water of leith* ;)