Thursday 20 January 2011


On Sunday we went for a walk. We grabbed the chance to be outside while the sky was blue. It was still cold and still, always, windy but it was light and after the last few months any bright days make me very happy. We walked to Holyrood Park and followed Queen's Drive up round the side of Salisbury Crags, down the steep hill to Duddingston Village and a small restorative half. Then back up the steps and up the hill to continue on our way, past the loch where the gulls were battling against the waves to stay in place as they bobbed on the water, and then down and home. Home to finally make a recipe that has been marked since the day I bought 'Kitchen'. Home to poach a chicken in water with wine, carrots, leeks, celery and herbs, to cook rice, to share a bottle of red wine, to sit at the table with the candles lit and finish the weekend.


Anonymous said...

i love these photos, and love that recipe. i'll be making it before winter is over... thanks for sharing.

Anna's kitchen table said...

It all sounds heavenly Gemma! X