Friday 21 January 2011


Just a few things that I've been liking lately...

My pinterest, do you have one?

Trembling Bells who we're going to see in Glasgow tonight.

The Long Song by Andrea Levy.

Uniqlo's boyfriend fit chinos.

Before Sunrise, I haven't seen it for years and I want to.

Little knotted earrings.

Candles that smell of mint tea and pencil shavings.

Reese's Pieces eggs, they aren't sold in the UK, I want to try them.

The memory of a litre of jellified chicken stock leftover from our poached chicken. We heated it up, added some cold shredded chicken and poured in 200g of tiny alphabet pasta to cook in the stock for four minutes. A soft soothing tea perfect for a January Monday.


Nancy @ Sugar Fetish said...

When Easter rolls around, if you still want to try the Reeses eggs, I'll send you a bag! :)

(I personally don't like them.)

Gemma said...

Thanks Nancy, that's really sweet of you! I love Reece's Pieces but are the eggs just a bit too much?