Thursday 2 July 2009


We've been trying to plan a trip to Toronto for a few years now. I shared a flat with Sarah while we were on the same postgraduate course and she and Rob have been to visit us in both Edinburgh and London. We've shared our top food and shopping haunts with them and were ready to hear their top Toronto tips.

Ossington is an area firmly on the up and we spent the Friday morning nosing around the independent shops before jumping onto a streetcar to head west for lunch.

I had never heard of Jamie Kennedy but as we walked into Gilead Cafe and saw the lines of pickle jars on shelves lining the walls I knew I would like it.

Smoked arctic char, potato salad and some lightly pickled vegetables for Chris.

A cheeseburger with pickles, lettuce, and sauces on the side to add as I pleased for me.

Both dishes were more than enough to merit fond lasting memories of Gilead but I will really remember the cafe for this.

This is poutine with shredded short ribs. This is Jamie Kennedy's famous fries, topped with melting cheese curds, deeply meaty gravy, and shredded beef. My mouth is watering as I remember the taste even though I ate it over a month ago.

We shared this bowl between four but next time I'm getting one just for me.


Sarah said...

Mmm. Poutine. Good memories. We miss you here in Toronto!

Gemma said...

When are you moving to London? Or should that be when are we moving to Canada?! Either way would work - we miss you too x

carine said...

Ok, so the gravy drenched sandwich had me groaning, but this? Oh. My. God. I am sitting at my desk salivating. I'm now starving and it's all your fault.


Gemma said...

Sorry Carine... Unfortunately either craving is very hard to satisfy in Edinburgh, or really anywhere in the UK. How about a nice hog roast roll from Oink instead?

Gemma x

Alicia Foodycat said...

I've been wanting to try poutine - and that looks amazing.