Thursday 3 January 2008


I know I am a little late with my New Year greeting but the first was not pretty. It took all my befuddled energy to make a bacon roll and then I curled up in a ball until finally plucking up the courage to order some Chinese food. Yesterday, also a public holiday in Scotland, was better. It was a cold and grey day but we still managed a long walk. So, here I am, on the third, settling back into normality and the only thing distracting me is the occasional snow shower which I wish would carry on just a bit longer and settle so that I can feel the crunch of snow under my feet.

Back to 2008 and as we all know, try as we might to avoid them, somehow those pesky ideas for resolutions still creep into your head and sow seeds of possible changes for the year ahead. I am going with baby step resolutions this year, eating more varied breakfasts (less reliance on cereal/muesli with skimmed milk) being one example, but I'll keep these to myself just now and I'll let you know when I cross any food related goals off my list.

I hope you all have a very happy and healthy 2008 x


Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Happy New Year to you too.

I can't stand breakfast. I think I'd maybe like it if it was more interesting.

pistachio said...

Happy New Year to you Gemma, I wish you all health and happiness.

pi xxx

Anna's kitchen table said...

Happy New year Gemma!