Friday 11 May 2007


Anna tagged me for the '5 things you may not know about me' meme. I decided to keep it food related as, let's face it, there are a million and one non food things that you don't know about me; my misery about The OC getting cancelled (and my crush on Adam Brody), my absolute hatred of U2 (you don't need to tell me just how alone I am on this one), and the fact that I was scared of the people on my wallpaper when I was very small. Anyway, now that I have given away a few non food things here goes:

:1: When I was about seven I pulled out a tooth on a wham bar (a chewy lurid pink bar embedded with fizzy E numbered stuff). One minute it was there and the next I had a hole in my gum and a tooth stuck in the bar.

:2: When I was five a neighbour said they would give me a Cadbury's Wispa (why oh why have these been discontinued...) if I tasted a strawberry. I took a tiny bite, spat it out and then demanded my Wispa.

:3: The first (underage) drink I ever ordered in a pub was a bottle of K cider. I don't even like cider but I wanted to sound like I knew what I was doing when I went to the bar and this is what my friend was drinking.

:4: I hate full fat milk. I love single cream, double cream, whipped cream, clotted cream, and any other creams but I can't stomach full fat milk.

:5: Finally, as a neat link into something else and definitely something no one but me knew until now, here is what my fridge looked like when I went home for lunch today.

Sam posted an unedited photo of her fridge last week and since then bloggers have been opening up their fridge doors to the world. So, the 100% honest contents of my fridge are as follows:

Top shelf :: leftover wild garlic pesto, Bonne Maman apricot jam, Bonne Maman wild blueberry jam, Duchy's Originals strawberry jam, goose fat, houmous, Philadelphia, tuscan flavoured apericubes (a gift), 1 Cadbury's light chocolate mousse.

2nd shelf :: milano salami, Keen's Cheddar, Cropwell Bishop white stilton, feta, halloumi, parmesan, selection of mini French cheeses, Sussex slipcote ewe's milk cheese, 5 large organic eggs.

3rd shelf :: low fat probiotic strawberry yoghurt drinks, 4 organic cooking chorizos, marinated anchovy fillets, Lurpak butter, skimmed milk.

4th shelf :: 1 bottle of peroni lager, 1 bottle of Sauternes, an open jar of passata that needs to be thrown away, a carton of passata, Tropicana, semi-skimmed milk, oak leaf lettuce in the foil covered bowl, 2 open jars of Sacla pesto, cornichons, caperberries, 2 squeezy tubes of Hellman's mayonnaise, 1 squeezy tube of low fat Hellman's mayonnaise, sweet chilli sauce, scotch bonnet chilli sauce, squeezy bottle of chilli sauce, ketchup.

5th shelf :: out of date puff pastry (oops), 2 bottles of tonic water for G&T, 1 bottle of bitter lemon for tequila and bitter lemon (yum), 1 bottle of Corbieres white wine.

Drawers :: asparagus, spinach, red onions, onions, carrots, wild garlic, mint, chillis, ginger, garlic, spring onions, 1 lemon.

And in the door we have :: unsalted butter, Cornish butter, garlic, mint jelly, wholegrain mustard with Irish whiskey, Irish relish, porcini pate, English mustard, 2 open jars of Maille Dijon mustard, homemade harissa (not homemade by me, a gift from a friend made to his grandmother's recipe), Zabar's coffee beans (a gift from New York), Fairtrade ground coffee, Hardys Pinot Noir Chardonnnay bubbles, 2 bottles of Corbieres (one open and almost empty), 1 bottle of Fuller's organic Honeydew beer, skimmed milk.



Sam said...

I pulled off my ₤700 British Crown 2 days ago on a Carambar.
I wish I'd lost it to a Wham instead.

thaks for joining in the fridge thingy!


Anna's kitchen table said...

Phew! Well done Gemma for letting us see the fridge.

Interesting facts too

Kelly-Jane said...

That's great Gemma :)

I Wham Bar! and Wispa too. That's a real blast from the past!!

Gemma said...

Sam - ouch! (I do like Carambar as well though)

Anna - thanks for inviting me to do the meme. The fridge thingy was fun but reminded me to use up some of the things that have been lurking in there for too long.

KJ - I know, I think you can still buy a Wham but I definitely miss Wispas :(

Gemma x

Freya said...

Wow, your fridge looks just like mine, but cleaner!!
Thanks for sharing your five things!
But not thanks for breaking it to me about Wispa - I didn't know they were discontinued! They're better than Flakes!

Unknown said...

It's best never to store coffee in any form in the fridge. Best to keep it out of the light in an airtight container. Freshness in coffee is everything. The problem with keeping it in the fridge is condesation. If you're going to keep fresh roasted coffee for more than a week, keep a week's worth in an airtight jar, and the balance in an airtight container (preferably a bag with the air squeezed out of it) in the freezer, taking out a week's worth at a time. Best bet, if you're a coffee-lover: find a local roaster who roasts in small batches, and buy freshly-roated coffee in a quantity that you can use in a week.

Gemma said...

Freya - sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I'm afarid it's true the Wispa is no more :(

Barry - thanks for the tip. I didn't know you could keep coffee in the freezer but I'll definitely try that as we don't get through coffee very fast.

Gemma x