Saturday 13 January 2007


Saturday is my usual day for shopping and pottering round our flat so today I went into town and came home armed with The Guardian and Australian Gourmet Traveller ready for an early lunch of french toast, bacon and maple syrup with a yoghurt, blueberry, banana and honey smoothie. This is my favourite smoothie combination and knowing how healthy blueberries are almost makes me feel that this is quite a virtuous meal.

I folowed this with a spot of light granola baking. This is the recipe from Feast in its original version and in the suggested chocolate and peanut variation.


Anonymous said...

love the new blog! that is my favourite smoothie combination, too. i'll be right over :)
I have a new blog, too, but haven't posted yet. will link to it next time.
can't wait to see more of your yummy creations!


Lady M said...

I love those canisters of granola!! I have quite a thing about organization right now!! Hmmmn.


Gemma said...

Thanks Sarah :)

Ilana - these canisters are the largest size in a range of traditional French Le Parfait jars. I have this size for granola plus some smaller ones and love them for being beautiful and functional.

Gemma x