Thursday 18 January 2007


My main reasons for starting to write this blog are to try more recipes, gain confidence in experimenting in the kitchen, and, most importantly, to stop falling back on the same old standbys that regularly appear after a long midweek day at work (otherwise known as 'a bowl of pasta with pesto'). Yesterday was looking like it was turning into a 'pwp' day until I remembered a bag of small onions that were sitting in the salad drawer desperately needing to be used. A quick stop to buy some salad, taleggio, and puff pastry and I was ready to make the onion tart from Nigel Slater's fabulous 'Appetite'.

The only part even approaching real work here is slicing the onions (mentally taking note that slicing with a brand new and very sharp Global knife is not very sensible when you are crying huge rivers of onion tears) and watching as they slowly soften and caramelise in butter over a low heat. After this it is just a case of rolling out the pastry (one day I will make my own puff pastry but for now the idea terrifies me - what was that I said about trying new things...) and topping it with the onions, sliced taleggio and thyme. I also used a little herbs de provence to make up for the pathetic amount of thyme that I had in the flat. Bake it in a high oven for 15 minutes and it will emerge golden and oozing with melting cheese.


Freya said...

What a yummy dinner! Quick and tasty!
Good luck with your new blog and welcome to the community!

Gemma said...

Thanks for the welcome!