Thursday 7 December 2017


I've been a bit slow to start thinking about Christmas this year. I haven't spent my usual time looking at recipes thinking about what to make, I've only just started to buy Christmas presents. But I'm going to get the decorations out tonight so that I can check the lights before we buy our tree this weekend. I've made the cake and it's well wrapped up waiting for its second feed and, I can't promise more than this, but there is one gift guide and some news.

I usually find it easiest to pull together a gift guide for women, as it's really just things I like, but this year a guide for children was the one that came together with very little effort because, I guess, it's where my brain is now that we're expecting our own in April :-)

Clockwise from top left: stickers for a niece who loves rocks and minerals, a wooden penguin, constellation blocks for kids of all ages, placemats and stamp pens for Christmas Day colouring, clear Magna-Tiles for little builders, a Moomin toy, book and, most importantly, house, a handknitted hat and a toy cat for a baby, and, finally, a cosy rainbow suit for Winter walks. 

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Shauna said...

Oh Gemma :) That's fab news, congratulations!