Friday 29 May 2015


This week there has been rain and hail and sun and wind and I've been too warm and too cold and then too warm again.

But in three weeks time we'll be in Greece for swimming and sunshine and eating and drinking. Unfortunately those three weeks will also either see us packing up and moving to an as yet unseen flat or packing up and moving down the road to stay with family until the currently lamentable rental market sorts itself out.

Amongst this there are a few things (apart from thoughts of Greece) that have made me smile this week...

Dan McCarthy's ceramics
The best strawberry buttercream which made its way onto a cake for a colleague's birthday
This roller which I started using at the gym and which hurts my calves in a really good way
Holiday nails
And finally, from this video, this screenshot of a young Fergus and Margot...


Anonymous said...

I loved that video, too - and the funniest thing is that I took a screencap of that exact moment myself!!! hahaha. eerie...

Sarah said...

I know this is a little belated - but I hope you have / had a fabulous time on holiday! All the best for the move and finding a new place! :) xox