Friday 19 July 2013


For just over two weeks now we have had good, mostly glorious, weather. I have been wearing sandals every day and we've been drinking cold brewed coffee every morning, Chris with an extra splash of water and a little milk, me with a lot of milk and a teaspoon of maple syrup. I've been donning dresses that usually only see the light of day on holiday, I even wore a bikini at North Berwick last Friday and braved a swim in the North Sea for the first, and possibly last, time. It was my (34th!) birthday last week and this happened...

Last night, on possibly the warmest evening I have ever known in Edinburgh, we had salt and vinegar potato salad with freshly podded raw peas strewn over the top and tonight the first, and happily the best, of the festival venues opens so we're meeting friends for drinks in the sun. Happy days indeed.

Have a great weekend xo 


Sarah said...

Such a lovely post. I'm very jealous of your warm weather - it's freezing in Melbourne! :)

Happy birthday!

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