Friday 30 November 2012


Clockwise from top left: a mango wood bread board, a new bread knife, and some London honeycomb for the breakfast table, a small jug and glasses (and, perhaps, a bottle of red wine to go with), a book and gift card for a favourite restaurant, glass containers for the fridge because they would love to get rid of the plastic, 'Canal House Cooks Every Day', a voucher for a butchery class, a small horn salt bowl and a pot of fleur de sel, a linen tea towel (because sometimes the simple things are the most loved), a little something from Ottolenghi, a candle that smells of Moroccan mint tea, a classic mixing bowl, and a bundt tin for cakes that look impressive but take no effort at all.


Ruthy (Omeletta) said...

I love preeettty much every single thing here- lovely collection!! That linen kitchen towel is definitely my favorite, so simple and useful. Where did you find everything? Just from your own hopeful gift list?

Gemma said...

Thanks Ruthy! Some of them are things I already own and some are just things I would like and that I imagine other food lovers would like too.

Eva said...

That brand of Fleur du Sel is awesome- the packaging is so cute.