Wednesday 2 June 2010


Those are the words you want to hear after making a new recipe for dinner.

Those are the words you want to hear when that new recipe comes from a new book.

Those are the words you want to hear when that recipe comes together simply, quickly, cheaply.

Carrots, caraway seeds, spinach, chickpeas, mint, coriander, lemon, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil, Greek yoghurt.

It's warming and deeply satisfying. We thought we could eat double but turns out this recipe was just right as dinner for two.

The flavours are soft, rounded, mellow but all present, herbal, swoon.

Try it. That's all.

The recipe is here. I used spinach instead of chard which doesn't need to be blanched so I just started at the carrot and caraway part.

Enjoy x


Anonymous said...

ooh, i am definitely making this.

Anonymous said...

I'm cooking and blogging my way through the Ortegas' cookbook '1080 Recipes' in one's always nice to come across a new recipe you just know you'll cook, and adapt, again and again!!! And that dish above *does* look good;-}

Gemma said...

Thanks Emmalene. Your project sounds really interesting, I'll head over now to take a look...

Gemma x

Peanut Butter and Jealous! said...

Sounds like this could make the perfect side dish for a group! Thanks!

Gemma said...

I hope you enjoy it! I think it would be great alongside some simply cooked fish.