Wednesday 14 April 2010


A few simple things have been cheering me up in the morning this week...

A new mug and bowl from here

A dollop of Total 2% Greek yoghurt

A very good granola recipe from here

A final topping of dried fruit

I really really recommend the granola recipe. I left out the coconut, used mixed seeds, almonds, and a mix of maple syrup and honey. So good. So making it again.

p.s I'm going to this in May and will be at Food Bloggers Connect in June. Anyone else?


Unknown said...

homemade granola (or most granola) is so good! but i eat it with all of the unhealthy stuff still in it!
xox alison

Gemma said...

I think that's why I like this recipe for a change Alison - no oil, not too much sugar (well, compared to other granola recipes at least), and the oats stay nicely separate and crunchy.