Sunday 3 January 2010


I want to hate resolutions, I really do, but every year I find myself with a new moleskine diary writing a list of things to do, books to read, items I must get around to buying (the last tends to be the easiest to keep, the wrist worms have been ordered already).

Why fight it?

In the spirit of a new decade I offer you the following:

1) To never refer to this decade as the teenies. I can't imagine that I need to explain why?

2) To take more photos.

3) To bake more bread.

4) To take lunch to work more often.

5) To take the advice of Grace Coddington in The September Issue... 'always keep your eyes open, never go to sleep in the car, keep watching because whatever you see out of the window, or wherever, it can inspire you.'


shanna said...

I love that quote about keeping your eyes open to life. Yes. That is something I am seeking, too.

Anonymous said...

Look at that sky, is that London ?

Happy New Year to you, Here's to bread, photos and blog friends


Alicia Foodycat said...

I loved the September Issue! Grace Coddington is my new hero.

Gemma said...

Shannalee - It just jumped out at me when I watched the film, so perfect.

Rachel - yes, it's the view from our flat, love being high enough up to not feel penned in by the city.

Foodycat - Absolutely. I bought the DVD and coukd happily watch it again and again.

Gemma x