Thursday 14 May 2009


Well, there I was hoping for warm Spring days and Summery food and what do I get instead?

A stupid Summer cold.

For over a week now I have had a sore throat, a snotty nose, and, best of all, have been waking up at 2am every morning with a tickly cough that requires every potion in our medicine cabinet to make it stop for long enough to fall asleep again. The only thing to cure it so far has been a few glasses of wine followed by a bedtime paracetamol but somehow I don't think a doctor would approve, but somehow, at 2am, I don't really care.

So, while cooking has been but a distant memory of late I have been mainly filling my time doing one of three things (not counting lying in bed reading Jane Austen, doing endless Sudokus and watching DVDs)...

Daydreaming about our upcoming holiday. A week on Saturday we will be on our way to Boston and from there will go to Toronto and then to New York. Any suggestions are very welcome.

Daydreaming about the summery food that my body hasn't wanted to eat. For the past few weeks I have been mainly reading this...

And finally panicking about the upcoming Moonwalk. The 20th June is starting to look very close. I have a 16 mile training walk planned for this weekend so wish me luck and if you have any bra decorating ideas send them my way.

In the meantime a return to normality tonight saw a dinner of smoked trout, jersey royals and asparagus. A little sea salt and black pepper, some butter on the asparagus and some mayo or olive oil for the potatoes. Bliss.


Alicia Foodycat said...

SWINE FLU! Good thing the weather has gone to crap, so you can eat soup and nurture your cold in good conscience.

Good luck with the moonwalk!

Anonymous said...

smoked trout, jersey royals and asparagus is my kind of cooking really.
enjoy the 16 MILE training walk hope it's sunny for you.
oh and eat some more jersey royals for me you can't find them in Rome and i miss them alot

Maggie May said...

I stumbled here and like your blog! It seems strange Dahl wrote a book about 'voluptuous delights' considering she's been stick thin for years now.

Lisa said...

Sorry, been away for a while...

Hope you're feeling better.

Happy holidays and good luck with the Moonwalk! I did mine in London a couple of weeks ago - and survived! Great event and a great cause - will be thinking of you.

Treated myself to Miss Dahl's book this week and can recommend the courgette and watercress soup.